Here’s Is How To Shop For The Right Travel Bag

great luggage for international travels

great luggage for international travelsAs exciting as traveling is, let’s all be honest; it can get stressful! Well, that is if you cannot somehow find the right bag for you. Today, I’ll help you on the basics of shopping for the ideal travel bag despite where your travels take you. The surest way to reduce drama when packing is to use the best luggage for international travel.

I have tried several bags, which have failed me miserably. I’d pack and the zips would burst open the night before my flight. Others would fall apart in the airports! And I loathed packing and got embarrassed when my bags would fall apart as I walked in the airports. But this incidents taught me important lessons that helped me shop for a great travel bag. Here are some things to consider before you settle on any travel bag.


You don’t want to look like you are carrying a bag that’s going to burst at the seams. I know… I did this for years, because I wanted a bag that looked fashionable but still had the capacity to carry all my belongings. So I’d often pick tote bags which would not work for all my luggage. If you carry along your computer, you will need a bag that’s large enough to accommodate it and also fit your other luggage.


There’s nothing worse than traveling with your bag only to have a strap snap. I have bought several small bags that couldn’t hold the weight in them. I would often find myself clutching my bag in the airport as though I’m afraid someone would snatch it. When shopping for a travel bag, be sure to closely scrutinize the straps. If they are secured with loose thread, keep off such bags. You may end up clutching your bag in the airports.

Style and color

stylish travel tote bag

When I’m shopping for a travel bag, I sure look for a bag that’s classic and can go with most of my outfits. A bright colored bag will stand out especially when you want to blend into a scene. But it certainly won’t be ideal for an everyday look. Your bags style should also be comfortable on your arm or shoulder without feeling awkward. I’d suggest you get a black or cognac colored bag as it goes with almost anything.


This is one really important aspect to look out for when shopping for a bag. I realized that I often neglected it. I’d get so clouded by the color and style and forget to check the features the bag has. Then I’d get home and be disappointed big time! Check whether the pockets make sense. How will the bag look like should you pull your purse out in the airport? Are there outside compartments for your cellphone, passport and any other items you may need to pull out fast? These are features we can ignore while shopping for a travel bag. It’s important to visualize how you will pack this bag and how it will work for travel.

So that’s it. With the right travel bag, you will find packing such a pleasure and you’ll enjoy your travels.

How To Dress Properly For Your Body Type


female body typesWe all have that one part of our bodies we would love to change, sadly, majority of us are not what we perceive to be the ideal body shape (just about 2% of women have an hourglass). Not to worry though. You are in the right place! With just a few fashion tips in mind, you can always give the illusion of a perfect figure that’s well toned.
To dress perfectly for your body type, you have to be able to tell what flatters your best features while hiding their flaws. Read on, because we have a list of what to look for, no matter your body shape and size.


If you have a rectangle body shape (similar width through your body from the shoulders to the waist), you should try to create some curves. V-neck or off-the-shoulder style tops will aid in creating a figure that flaunts your entire frame. Wear form fitting bottoms as they will help to form the illusion of curves all through the body. Pencil and trumpet skirts will assist in creating shape. Perfect dresses for this body type are wrap dresses because they nip in while creating a waist.

Inverted Triangle

To dress perfectly for the inverted triangle body shape (the shoulders are broad, slim hips and great legs), you will need to counterbalance your broad shoulders with your narrow lower body to create the illusion of an hourglass body shape. V-neck tops and wrap style tops look great on this body shape. Go for A-line skirts as they will improve your lower body and bring a balance to your upper body. Fit and flare dresses also look awesome on this body silhouette.


The pear body shaped women have the hips as the widest part of their bodies. To dress well for this body shape, you should work towards balancing your figure by highlighting the top half of your body. Well-fitting and flare dresses work well for this body shape as they emphasize the smallest part of your waist. You can also try an off-shoulder fit and flare as they look trendy. A-line skirts paired with structured jackets work well for this silhouette. Make boot cut pants your favorite.



When dressing for this body shape (curvy with a small waist), your aim should be to accentuate your curves. Do not conceal them; look for clothes that highlight your body. Go for pencil skirts paired with custom made blazers and jackets. When it comes to dresses, wrap dresses will highlight the area that’s between your hips and waist. Go for wide leg pants as they aid in defining your shape.


To dress for the apple body shape (the lower body is slim and you carry your weight around your waist), you should aim at accentuating your shoulders and legs. Keep off from form fitting tops and wear the flowy styles. Low rise, pencil leg pants also favor this body silhouette. Shift dresses will flatter your body shape.

Finding ideal dresses that fit you perfectly can be challenging, but it’s also important that you know the exact clothes that will flatter your body shape best.

How To Shop For The Perfect Handbag For All Occasions

envelope clutch-bag

If you thought picking the perfect clothes to wear is difficult, then you haven’t shopped for an ideal handbag. Choosing the right accessories can be extremely tough. It can take you several hours before settling on the handbag that complements the outfit you are wearing.

An outfit is never impressive without the right accessories and a bag! Everyone wants a bag that’s fashionable and functional to hold all the essentials from wallets, phone to car keys. Knowing how to pick the right handbag to look stunning no matter the event you are attending is important.

Here are some things to consider before you buy any handbag.

Cute handbags for women

What event are you attending?

This is the most important rule to consider before picking a handbag. Always factor in the event you will be attending before you pick your handbag and any other accessories.

How much storage do you need?

Always consider how many items you need to store in your bag and the essentials you will require. Your bag should be able to comfortably carry the basic items such as keys, phone, ID card, cash and your bank card.

You may also want to throw in some basic makeup items and toiletries in the bag. So before you buy any new bag, be sure that it has enough space for all the essentials needed.

Go for bags that will complement your look.

A good bag will suit your outfit. To make a spectacular fashion statement, your handbag should round off your look. But you do not necessarily have to pick a bag that exactly matches the color of the dress you’re actually wearing. Rather than picking a bag that has the same hues with your outfit, settle for the more contrasting colors.
To avoid picking the wrong type of bag, lets now look at different bags and what occasions you should carry them.

envelope clutch-bag

Office bags/casual bags

I spend most of my time outside my home and I’m sure every student or working woman does. You don’t want to get stuck carrying a boring bag. Any woman desires a bag that is fashionable, comfortable and functional.

Casual or office bags are lady-like and are ideal for work, school and even day events. They should be a bit big to easily hold you’re essentials such as cellphone, books, and even laptop. This bags are simply practical! They include Satchels, Tote Bags, Messenger Bags, and Backpack

Evening Bags

Many evening or formal bags aren’t as big as satchels or tote bags. They are mainly designed to hold just the basics. Evening bags will come in different styles. You girls already know some of them: clutch and envelope bags are some of them.

At times, petite women can get drowned while carrying big bags or plus size women may look off while carrying tiny bags. Therefore, everybody size has a role to play when selecting bags. Selecting a bag that feels comfortable according to your body size will make you look and feel comfortable.

How to Become a Smart Shopper


how-to-be-a-smart-shopperBeing a smart shopper is all about going shopping and purchasing the best goods and still have some money remaining. There are always temptations within a store or a shop that can make you spend a lot of money and if you are not disciplined, you are likely to buy more than you had actually planned to. Well, I was guilty of these until I learnt to become a smart shopper.

Here, I will share some tips that will help you in becoming a smart shopper.

Establish a Budget

Restraining yourself on what you are buying helps a lot in the case of budgeting. Budgeting doesn’t only have to be done during shopping days but can also be done immediately you get your monthly cheque by setting a monthly limit on the amount that you will be spending.

Only Buy What You Need

You enter a store and see something that you want and don’t necessarily need then you immediately buy it without thinking, even though it might be expensive. This is known as impulse buying. This negatively affects your budget thus making you spend more than you intended. The best way to tackle this is by sticking to your budget.

Quality over Quantity


Are there those moments you just bought something just because it was cheap and not because you needed it? Think of buying a pair of jeans at $30 then you wear it for about 2 months and it wears out.

Then another person buys a pair of jeans for $100 and goes on to wear it for several years? Who’s made a better purchase? When buying items, go for quality and not quantity. Though quality items are expensive, they tend to last longer.

Make a List

Before going out shopping, make a list of items which you need. Restrict yourself to only purchasing items that are already on the list. This really comes in handy when controlling impulse buying.

Don’t Purchase Tech Gadgets Immediately After Release

Nowadays everyone wants to get the latest tech gadgets in the market. The good thing about tech gadgets like mobile devices and laptops is they always reduce in prices within a short span of time. Whenever a new gadget is in the stores, wait for a period of about nine months or a year before purchasing it. The prices will have gone down by more than 50% of the original price. Yes, you will be a bit behind on the latest gadgets but at least you will have the experience of owning one at a cheaper price.

Always Carry Cash

Always carry cash and leave the credit card at home. Whenever you use cash instead of cards you tend to be careful on what you buy. On the other hand, people tend to be reckless with their purchases when shopping with a credit card due to their limitless amount of money.
Being a smart shopper mostly depends on one’s self-control when in stores. With that little extra effort on taking the steps above, you can go a long way in saving a lot of money.

How to Shop For Shoes If You Have Wide Feet

wide feet high heels

wide feet high heelsTo celebrate Christmas, I am going to write about my biggest love hate relationship with shoes. Yes, buying shoes! I love and loathe shoe shopping in equal measure. My shoe size is 7 in length, should be wide fitting and the highest instep there probably is in US sizing. And I can’t forget to mention my so wide calves. Most of the time, I see cute shoes but when I’m about to get into a shop to try them, I figure out it’s not worth trying the pair in the first place, the zipper won’t close or the shop attendant may give that look “you are disfiguring our shoes!” If you know how it feels to go through that, then you are in the right place. Here are some tips to make my and your life sane especially when it comes to shopping for shoes.

Write down a list of shops that sell big shoes

With your shoe size being big, make sure you write down any shop you come across that stocks wide or extra wide shoes. This will make it easier for you to walk in the right shops next time you want to buy a new pair of shoe. Don’t waste your time moving from shop to shop.

Look for a brand that works for you

I find the Naturalizer works perfectly for me. I have also been lucky with flats from Aldo, which was quite a surprise! If you find that perfect pair of shoe that makes your feet totally comfortable, stalk that company’s website. Often other styles of shoes they produce will work better.

Check out web sites or specialty stores that deal with wide feet shoes

If you simply can’t find a good size in your regular shoe store, hunt for stores that specialize in wider shoe sizes. There are also those websites that focus in wider feet shoes and have a selection of styles and sizes. If you shop for a shoe online, keep this in mind:
• Have had your feet professionally measured recently
• Read the return policy
• Buy brands that you have had success with

Look for shoes that can be adjusted

Buy shoes that can easily adapt to your feet. This could be in form of some extra elastic on the sides or a buckle that canbe adjusted.cute wide flats

Buy shoes with removable insoles or linings

You can have more room for your feet by taking these out. If you have orthodontics, this will be better.

Invest in good shoes

This is really important. You don’t need 10 pairs with only 3 being good. You can have six quality shoes that do not weigh your feet down every time you walk around in them. I know sometimes you look at a cute shoe with a good price and pick it up without thinking twice. But what is the purpose if you are never going to wear it? They will just look cute in your closet.

Learn to Love your feet

Yes, you may have wide feet, but they are good for you. They help you get to your destination and put up with being stuffed in tiny shoes. They help you dance, swim, skip, jump and just anything you can think. Be glad you are able to do all those things! Go for pedicures if you can afford or do it at home. Show them all your appreciation!

I’ve been thinking of creating a “Big Feet Deserve Fitting Shoes” facebook group: for the shoeholics with big feet like me! Are you in? Let me know in the comments.

5 Beauty Blogs To Follow In 2015

the sundaygirl

Every woman is conscious of their looks starting from the type of makeup they wear to the color on their nails. We can’t deny it; we all want to look stunning every time we step out of our homes. Now if there are people who have made it easy for women to look fabulous, then it must be beauty bloggers. They share their secret tips of looking good and they also have easy tutorials that will make your every day makeup and hair care routines so much easier. Here are 5 beauty blogs to follow in 2015.

Cult of Pretty

cult of prettyBlogger Ann’s main mission is to let her readers know about the best beauty products there are in the market. She will look past all the hype straight into the ingredients and efficiency of the said products. She also does product development and innovation in the beauty industry for various manufacturers. If you are not sure of a beauty product you want to purchase head over to cult of pretty and you will find an unbiased review of the product you are looking for.

This is a blog about beauty and health. You will get all the secrets and tips to keep you looking beautiful always. Ella shares about her favorite beauty products for your hair, skin and anything else that’s about your beauty. Her product reviews are not biased and you will love the diverse opinions she has for each product she reviews here. Head over to this site and you will be glad you did. Scroll through the many articles and you will learn something you actually didn’t know about.


The Sunday Girl

the sundaygirl

If you are looking for a solid review of any beauty product, then check out the Sunday girl. This is a UK based blog that’s about providing readers with well researched beauty products. And even before she reviews them, she puts them through strict testing periods. Her blog contains great pictures too. Check it out.


This is a blog that’s dedicated to health and beauty. Occasionally, you will find some parenting articles so I would say it contains a mixture of both worlds written by an enthusiastic blogger. You will get some product reviews from the author who says she tries all the products and she will not endorse a product before she has actually used it. This is the real deal!

All Lacquered Up

Founded by Michelle Mismas, all lacquered up is your number one nail polish blog. Are you looking for some inspiring nail polish ideas, you can never go wrong if you chose all lacquered up blog. Her blog has articles that contain all the infor you need to know about your nails, tricks and tips. This was one of the first beauty blogs that is simply dedicated to nails. It’s an avenue for the writer to share her love for colors and all the things about nails.
She regularly features nail lacquer collections, nail trends and all industry insider news. Michelle started this blog as a way to escape from the boredom of working in a day job as an accountant for her family business. It has now turned into a full time profession.

There are you have the 5 beauty blogs to follow in 2015 and even beyond! Do you have your favorite beauty blog? Let us know in the comments.

Your fashion weapon (and how to find cute dresses)

How many of you (especially women ) were in a bar when see a person with a beautiful handbag, and you don’t know what brand it is or where it has been purchased? And, of course, we’re too shy for asking…


Well, no more problems like that!

Dresscovery is a new application that lets you instantly identify a bag with a picture and buy it online. It’s created by Samsamia Technologies, a branch of the Robotics Lab robotics group at the Carlos III University of Madrid.

What’s the best? That using Dresscovery is very simple. First, we have to take a picture of the bag. Then, upload the photo to the application of Dresscovery. The computer algorithm vision analyzes and compares that bag with bags of different brands. The application gives us a list of similar bags, its brand and price, and the webpage where we can buy it. Right now, the database has around 15,000 bags of about 300 different brands and it’s updated with the latest news!

They promise to extend the application to clothes too! We will have to keep an eye on them!

What A Fashion Enthusiast Needs To Know To Be Able To Perfectly Buy An Ideal Custom Made Suit:

suits 2In today’s world, fashion has taken over everything from clothes to accessories with people taking fashion into consideration before doing anything. For this reason, numerous fashion designers have emerged each trying to come up with unique fashion trends to attract fashion lovers. As a result, it’s becoming hard to look unique as each designer is trying to copy another and this makes designs to look almost the same. For this reason, many people are now moving to custom made clothes as they are more unique and make you stand out from the rest when wearing it. I was introduced to custom made suits by my friend who works as a phlebotomist (for phlebotomy resume examples click here) and I love how I feel when wearing them.

suits 3What is fashion
Fashion has different meaning to different people. To some, it is taking a note of the hottest trends off the runaway and incorporating those versions into their own individual style. To others, it is to know what people would want to wear and what might appeal their senses. However, whichever understanding you may have of fashion, it is all for the good of the wearer and if you are tired of the numerous fashion designs coming up today that are copied by every fashion designer, go for custom made ones and you will be fulfilled, when looking for a baby-sitting job, when wearing such a suit you will feel more confident on how you look and you will definitely secure a job. For babysitting resume examples click here. Here is how you can choose the best custom made suit:

When it comes to custom made suits, fabrics takes the first priority as suits can be made in a number of ways but what matters the most is the fabric. Choosing a fabric is the most significant factor since apart from choosing the design of your suit, fabric also determines how well your suit will perform and for how long. Avoid buying blended fabrics as the best material needs to be 100% worsted wool manufactured by a reputable mill with a thread count of 100 to 120. Such fabric offers utmost durability as well as luxury.

How and where it is made
Quality and perfection of the material made in foreign countries can vary, but in general, the process of manufacturing has gone through various changes world-wide. When buying a custom made suit, take time to learn about the manufacturing process and quality control measures incorporated there.

Recognize the vendor’s house cut
Every vendor has his/her own view of how your suit needs to be cut to complement your body shape and size. For this reason, it is good to understand your vendor’s style to be able to get the type of fitting that you wish to have. The best way to do this is by inquiring to try a ready suit that is close to your size.

Get an even body shape before ordering
If you are considering undertaking plans for transforming your body shape in a big way, wait until you have achieved that shape that you will comfortable with. Also, be sure to maintain that body but this custom made piece will motivate you to stay in shape to keep wearing it. If you happen to lose or add weight when you have already bought the piece, then it will be hard for it to fit you as required.

To stay ahead of fashion does not mean going for ready-made pieces. If you choose to go with a custom made suit, you will look outstanding amongst your peers and feel confident about yourself. If you want to make a lasting fashion statement in any occasion, follow the above tips and get going.



These sneakers are glory! I don’t take them off, or maybe I can’t take them off. They are the perfect match for asphalt of this town. Almost like flying. I swear.

The skirt has the protagonist in this look, because of its vibrant color. The hat and bracelets give the elegant touch. Perfect combination with the informality of the basic skirt and the sneakers.